Yes. zebra IT provide server network support and consultancy however we work closely with a number of companies to provide the full complement of services, for all laptop requirements our preferred partner is THE LAPTOPS CLINIC.

Yes. At zebraIT our experience is of best value to larger businesses, however we work closely with an excellent company for home workers and personal computers Savoir Technology Services.

With well over 20 years IT experience and being a trusted Microsoft IT partners, you can relax and put your fait in zebraIT. If you are still not sure have a look at our testimonials.

Office 365 is your cloud based office solution, providing email, Microsoft word, Excel, powerpoint and more. Allowing you to work anywhere with cloud back ups and browser based versions of office applications. Alternatively have full working download versions of Office on your PC with local backup of your files.

Your business will most likely be running some form of Microsoft software. This maybe the Windows operating system, it could be your email client "outlook", or could just be your word and Excel applications. We are here to help support your business continuity by ensuring you have the right software and the best support..

Yes. zebraIT are working with the government supported Superfast Britain scheme to help ensure that superfast internet connectivity is supplied to your home and your Business

Yes. zebratIT is one of the leading IT business in Croydon, Greater London. We have delivered network solutions for businesses from 1 PC to 50+. We have the resources, ability and know how to support your businesses IT infrastructure.

More often than not parts of your business will already be "in the cloud". The Cloud is just referring to files that are store on remote servers for access from any location with internet access. Their is a good chance your email is already in the cloud, if you use drop box or Onedrive, this is cloud storage. Cloud computing makes it easier and safer to store your documents, whilst often allowing for local copies to be save for a belt and braces approach to backups.