1st class IT Managed Services

Leave it to zebra IT to manage and support your server and computer network.

zebra IT have enhanced the standard IT support model to create a level of service where we can address/fix issues before they become critical and have the ability to call you to know about major outages before you even need to pick up the phone. 

Proactive Monitoring

Server & & Network monitoring watch over critical parts of the system around the clock with a check every 5 minutes 24 hours a day

  • Server health and performance
  • Disk space availability / consumption
  • File and folder sizes are within expectations

To keep you further informed, there is the option of a daily short note to confirm the checks we’ve done and the results. You’ll see clear evidence of the value we deliver each and every day.

Critical Patch Management

This provides an effective and efficient solution not only for Microsoft Windows and Office applications, but also non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Java and more.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning helps secure the all the PC’s, laptops and Servers in your network.  Vulnerability scanning identifies devices on the network that are open to known vulnerabilities.  Lists of known vulnerabilities are updated regularly.  The zebra IT team review the results of the scans and will take action where appropriate to address any critical vulnerability found.

Workstation Monitoring

Workstation monitoring takes place every 30 minutes throughout the day to watch over each workstation on the network

  • Drive Space Checks
  • Automated Maintenance Tasks
  • Vital Windows Services are working
  • Remote Support
  • Event Log Check

Each morning the workstations are checked for the following:

  • Anti-Virus Update*
  • Drive Space Consumption Check
  • Physical Disk Check
  • Critical Events Check
  • File and folder sizes are within expectations

*For selected vendors only the workstations Anti-Virus software is checked against the latest update released by the vendor.