Take Extra Care with Suspicious Emails

An old threat has resurfaced it is called Cryptowall

CryptoWall is a sophisticated ransomware program that encrypts the victims’ files with a strong cryptographic algorithm. Users are asked to pay the equivalent of $500 in bitcoin virtual currency in order to receive the decryption key that allows them to recover their files.

DIY or get a professional

One of the key strengths of successful business people is their ability to ask for help when they need it. Struggling to solve a problem yourself can be a huge waste of time and money and what you do during the working day needs to be based on the notion of how effective you can be.

Spending hours sorting out issues on your server network or inadequate software is not best use of many small business owners' time.
The problem is where do you go for help that is cost effective and provides you with the answer to your business needs?